Last year, Americans for Fair Taxation invested a great deal of thought and time in creating a new online community for FAIRtax supporters and activists. Using contributions from everyday Americans who care about fair taxation, we sought out the perfect platform and built our new community from the ground up.

Because the AFFT board designated me as the primary architect and developer, I took the feedback I’ve been receiving from people across America and implemented much of it into our new community. Keep reading to discover what our new platform has to offer, why you should join, and how this is a major step toward passage of the FAIRtax Plan.

Our brand-new community can be accessed by clicking the Member Login button on either the website or the campaign website, or you can simply type in the address. Once there, you’ll be prompted to register for your community membership by clicking on the Join button. Then you can begin enjoying the features and benefits of connecting with FAIRtax activists and supporters across the country:

  • An internal social media feed that allows members to communicate and share graphics, ideas, and strategy
  • Member groups for each state, where state activism and strategy can be planned and discussed
    • States can set up individual groups for each Congressional District, allowing a level of activism our organization has never had before
  • Calendars to share events of interest, whether just to members of a specific locality or nationwide
  • Blogs to share important news stories, opinion pieces, and sample letters to the editor for newspaper and online submission
  • Forums to share information, strategy, and graphics/memes for online use
  • Volunteer training and certification
  • A new database to keep better track of our supporters, allowing better communication
  • Involvement in special projects
  • An Idea Box to submit suggestions on strategy (or anything else) to the AFFT Board of Directors
  • And lots more…


For years, AFFT has been searching for a solution that will allow us to better organize and mobilize the nationwide movement for fair taxation. With this new community, we believe we have found that solution. By joining, you’ll become part of this brand-new assembly of supporters, activists, and thought leaders. We want your insight and participation as we ramp up our grassroots efforts.

Remember the Civil Rights movement? Women’s suffrage? The Tea Party and Occupy movements? They all had one thing in common: regular people fed up with the status quo. In each case, the movement caused real change. You now have the opportunity to be part of something that will improve America for generations to come: a sweeping movement by everyday Americans to finally make taxation fair again.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. We’re organizing, we’re mobilizing, and we need you to join us on the ground floor. Add your voice to the chorus and let’s make taxation fair again with FAIRtax.

Kyle Clark is a communications consultant focusing on efficient systems, productive fundraising, and effective messaging for political and non-profit organizations. A small business owner for over a decade, he understands the effects of a complex and burdensome tax code on America’s families and economy. Kyle has been involved with the FAIRtax Plan since the moment he first heard about it, and is committed to making taxation fair again for America. He is a happily married father of two boys and lives in Omaha, NE.

Help FAIRtax Get In The Presidential Debates in 2020

Enacting the FAIRtax must be a prominent topic on the Presidential Debate stage. We did it before, we can do it again, but we need your help!

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 – even $1,000 or more if you can possibly spare it – will help bring an end to the IRS and promote a FAIRtax. So, I urge you, please give as generously as you can.
To donate by check:
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Americans for Fair Taxation® is a 501(c)(4) non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization solely dedicated to replacing the current income tax system with a fair, simple and transparent national consumption tax – the FAIRtax® Plan. We rely entirely on contributions from concerned citizens like you who want a tax system that will generate jobs and stimulate the economy. Welcome to the FAIRtax team!