The FAIRtax Candidate Pledge 2022

Click here to download the pdf of "The FAIRtax 2022 Candidate Pledge"

1. Take multiple pictures of the Candidate signing and then holding up The Pledge

2. Make sure you appear in some of the pictures with the Candidate

3. While you are at it, also take a short video

4. A good example of pictures is Candidate Allen Waters from his 2020 election

5. If you can, scan the signed pledge and then email with pictures and video to:

6. If you have any questions or if the files are too large to email, contact Randy Fischer Director Marketing & Communications by emailing:

Click Candidate's name to view their signed Pledge and pictures.



Name Signed State URL

Mo Brooks 06-19-2021 Alabama


Name Signed State URL

Alex Stovall 04-24-2021 AZ-9

Willie Montague 04-24-2021 FL-10

Rubin Young 04-23-2021 FL-23

Kat Cammack 08-20-2022 FL-3

John Rutherford 08-17-2022 FL-5

Mike Saliba 09-20-2021 MI-9

Ronald N. Eller Jr. 03-25-2022 MS-2

Thomas Watercott 12-04-2021 NC-7

Allen Waters 09-16-2021 RI-1

Martin Etwop 11-24-2021 TX-2

Jameson Ellis 12-06-2021 TX-2

Milam Langella 01-22-2022 TX-2

Dan McKaughan 08-18-2021 TX-8

Jonathan Mitchell 10-14-2021 TX-8

Jonathan Hullihan 01-20-2022 TX-8

Jerrod Sessler 04-24-2021 WA-4

Marissa Selvig 04-16-2021 WY-1