The FAIRtax Candidate Pledge 2022

Click here to download the pdf of "The FAIRtax 2022 Candidate Pledge"

* Take multiple pictures of the Candidate signing and then holding up The Pledge.
* Make sure you appear in some of the picutres with the Candidate.
* While you are at it, also take a short video.
* A good example of pictures is Candidate Allen Waters from the 2020 election.

* If you can, scan the signed pledge and then email with pictures and video to:

* If you have any questions or if the files are too large to email, contact Randy Fischer Director Marketing & Communications by emailing:

Click Candidate's name to view their signed Pledge and pictures.



Name Signed State URL


Name Signed State URL

Alex Stoval 04-24-2021 AZ-9

Willie Mantague 04-24-2021 FL-10

Rubin Young 04-23-2021 FL-23

Jerrod Sessler 04-24-2021 WA-4

Marissa Selvig 04-16-2021 WY-1