States FairTax Legislation Initiatives

Our mission to pass The FAIRtax is a federal initiative and we have legislation in the House Of Representatives as H.R.25 - “FairTax Act of 2019”.  To pass House Resolution 25, we must have our Federal Representatives become Co-Sponsors.  To have them Co-Sponsor means we must meet with them to present The FAIRtax.

To assist with the challenge of meeting with our Federal Representatives, many of our Volunteer Grassroots Supporters are also approaching their more accessible State Legislators.  Meeting with their State Legislators with the goal of obtaining their support and then having them “lobby” the Federal Representatives to Co-Sponsor H.R.25.  Also, today’s State Legislators are often tomorrow’s Representatives in Congress.

What comes next is very interesting.

Very quickly, these meetings with our State Legislators turned into a demonstration of The FAIRtax being just as beneficial at the state level as it is at the federal level.

And so the State “FairTax” Initiative was born!

States have always been and should continue to be the laboratories of change.  So to continue to support our States (those with and without income-tax systems) to implement "True Fundamental Tax Reform" in their States, we have set up these pages.

In those states without an income-tax (see below) we would like for you to contact your State Legislatures and thank them for an income-tax free state.  Advocate to them to pass a State “Legislative Memorial” like Florida passed in 2014 urging Congress to support The FAIRtax.  Click here to read Florida SM-118

Additionally, though the 9 don't have an income-tax system, there is still room for improvement for modeling tax reform based upon The FAIRtax.  None of the below 9 States use the prebate mechanism to address regressivity nor do they tax consumption as broadly as the FAIRtax does.  This provides an opportunity for these 9 states to lower their high sales tax rates and make their sales tax less regressive.

All states except the following 9 have their own state income-tax which taxes income "from whatever source derived", just as the federal income-tax does.  The exceptions are Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire*, Nevada, South Dakota, Tennessee*, Texas, Washington, WyomingNone of these 9 States tax wages.

However, Tennessee and New Hampshire currently tax dividends and interest.  Those 2 states are identified by asterisks.  However, Tennessee is phasing out its "Hall Tax" by 2022 and will join the other 7 states which have no income-tax on any form of income.  

State “FairTax” Legislation Initiatives










Help FAIRtax Get In The Presidential Debates in 2020

Enacting the FAIRtax must be a prominent topic on the Presidential Debate stage. We did it before, we can do it again, but we need your help!

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 – even $1,000 or more if you can possibly spare it – will help bring an end to the IRS and promote a FAIRtax. So, I urge you, please give as generously as you can.
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