I’ve set this page up so you as a FairTax volunteer leader have a centralized source of information useful to your work. I’ll continue to make additions it as I get suggestions and more material.

Thank you for your efforts!

Aaron Schutte
Grassroots Director
Legal Documents
– AFFT Endorsement and Support Policy
– How to properly apply federal service marks held by AFFT
– Application and Agreement to Receive Protected Assets (Replaced Database Limited License Agreement)
Signup Documents
– Membership Form
– Membership Program Details
– Petition
– Three Person Signup Sheet (tri-fold style)
– Membership or FairTax signup import template
Financial Documents
– AFFT State Banking Guidelines (updated 11.7.14)
– State Bank Account Payment Disbursement Request (updated 3.13.14)
– AFFT Expense Reimbursement Form (updated 3.12.14)
General Leadership
– Statement of AFFT Guiding Principles
– Process for bringing leadership onto Trail Blazer
– Request for AFFT Database and Email
– AFFT Nonprofit and Nonpartisan Letter
– Leader Business Card Template
– Generic National Radio Ads (zip file download prompt)
– 2010 Washington, DC Briefing Materials (zip file download prompt)
– FairTax Promo items in Dropbox – Including FairTax Dave’s slides
– Glen Terrell’s Twitter, W&M and LTTE campaign docs (dropbox)
– Response To Critics of the FairTax Plan
Material Ordering
– Striking Effects – Official AFFT store in conjunction with Striking Effects via Rudy Treml
– FairTax Cafe Press Store – Best t-shirt and bumper sticker selection but higher prices
– Ohio FairTax store set up by Steve Curtis
Printable Handouts
– Jumper Cables w/Graphic Ad
– A Better Solution Ad
– Jumper Cables Ad – Color | B&W
– FairTax Flyer
– Bird Watcher’s Ad
– Thumbnail Sketch
Recommended Detail Handouts
– The Prebate Explained
– Fundamentals and Facts
– The FairTax Overview
– Taxing Sales Under the FairTax: What Rate Works?
– FairTax vs the Flat Income Tax
– FairTax Talking Points (15 minute speech)

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