Copy of Chairman's Report – September 22nd, 2017

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Copy of Chairman's Report – September 22nd, 2017

Why do we call it the Washington Farce?  The Merriam Webster on-line dictionary has this definition for "farce" that applies here, "an empty or patently ridiculous act, proceeding, or situation."  Doesn't this definition apply?

On the news, we see our Members of Congress running around and waving their arms but doing nothing.  They continue to draw their salaries.  They continue to criticize anything that might affect their cozy lives and the lives of their friends.

I have been going to D.C. for 27 years talking about eliminating the income/payroll tax system.  During this time, I have gotten to know some of the Members of Congress well and believe that they are decent people.  However, it seems that the decent people are not able to overcome the efforts of the rest of the Members and the D.C. Elite to keep things going for them and their friends at the expense of the rest of us.

How To Penetrate the Noise of D.C.

We all know that raising money is a never-ending chore for elected officials.  Each election it seems that new Congressional campaign spending records are set.  How are ordinary people like us, who don't have the money that Members and the Elite seem to demand, going to penetrate the D.C. noise and be heard?  

Many in D.C. really wish they could eliminate our voices altogether.  They have arranged the Congressional districts so that they have made "safe" seats for Members of both parties.  They have made sure that almost all of the campaign contributions go to incumbents and almost nothing to their challengers.  They have all decided that they are much better at making decisions than we are.  They believe that the only reason we question them is because of our ignorance.

However, the Members still have to ask us, not the lobbyists or D.C. Elites, for our votes or they will not be re-elected.  In the general elections, the incumbents almost always win.  However, in the primary elections, many fewer people vote and this is the chance to replace some of these Members with someone who will, at least initially, look to help the rest of us.

IRS Terror

The truth is that the only way to stop the escalating income/payroll tax evasion is to greatly increase the powers of the IRS and the number of audits.  Since only about 20% of the filers are evading their rightful taxes and they don't identify themselves, the IRS will audit the other 80% who are trying to obey the laws.  The IRS are cowards and will try to pick the low-hanging fruit--the small business owners.  They know that most small business owners will not have the resources to fight an illegitimate assessment and can be extorted into paying it.  

When I worked as a tax attorney, there were many times that I told the taxpayer who received an assessment to just pay it.  The taxpayer would protest that it was wrong and most of the time I agreed.  However, I explained to them that they would pay me multiple times the assessed amount and it made no economic sense.  

It was like the taxpayer was buying protection.  


The reason that Congress and the Elites are so resistant to the FAIRtax is that it directly shifts power and many ways of extorting campaign contributions out of their hands and into the ordinary people's hands.  Under the FAIRtax, they can no longer sell special favors that can be hidden from us. Under the FAIRtax, all of us will see the true cost of government with every purchase.

This might even embolden us to question spending or what they are doing with our money.  To Congress and the D.C. Elites, this is an outrage.  The FAIRtax and all of us are direct threats to their power.  

Please make no mistake, if we don't succeed with the FAIRtax, they will strike back and "punish" us for not respecting our betters.  These people value their money and power enough to take any action to protect it.

Remember, if we don't continue to tell the truth and demand a change, then this quote from George Orwell's 1984 may foretell our children's future:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”


Call up the local or D.C. offices of your House Member and two Senators and you can use the following script:
  • I am sure that Representative ____ or Senator ____ is in favor of everyone obeying the income tax laws.
  • After they assure you that their boss is not in favor of anyone breaking the law, ask if they are aware of the Cebula study showing $9 trillion of evaded income/payroll taxes over the next ten years.
  • Since most will say they don’t believe their boss has seen the study, either drop off a copy or get an email address and send a copy to them for their boss.
  • Say you are going to call back in a week and ask what the Representative or Senator is going to do to stop this evasion.
  • In a week, call back and ask specifically what the Representative or Senator is going to do to enforce the law.
  • They probably will say their boss believes that simplifying the income tax will handle the problem.
  • Explain that when people evade income taxes, they are also evading the 15.3% payroll/Medicare tax and state income tax.  So it is unlikely that they are going to pay 30% or 40% when they were paying 0% because they have already decided it is okay to cheat.
  • Say that the only way to reduce evasion is to increase by tens or hundreds of thousands the number of comprehensive IRS audits done each year.
  • Point out that Evaders do not self-identify by putting an “E” on their income tax return.
  • 80% of the people likely to be audited are trying to comply, but they will be forced to endure these IRS audits as well.
  • Ask if the Member is in favor of this?
  • If they say no, then ask again how the Member proposes to stop people breaking the income tax laws.
  • Then explain that the way to handle evasion without unleashing the IRS audits is the FAIRtax.  
If you can see your Member or attend a town hall and ask these questions, you can be even more effective.


Because of the varied attacks on the Ryan/Brady income tax plan, the White House has announced that they need to start over to determine the best tax plan to propose.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” 

We may only have a limited time to stop the fake tax reform being promoted by some in Congress.  If it passes, then the Elites will say that we need to wait before we consider any more changes.  To stop this fake reform, we must be able to ensure that our message is clearly heard not only by Congress but also by President Trump.  To do this we need your help.

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In the last two episodes, The FAIRtax Guys answered the most common questions about the FAIRtax. What better way to discuss the basic concepts of the FAIRtax than to address the Frequently Asked Questions found on the main AFFT website:  This is a great way to brush up on the important features of the FAIRtax. 

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