The FairTax & The Economy

Research Summary of the Impact of the FairTax on the Economy
A brief summary of three independent research studies on the FairTax plan by three different groups of economists utilizing three distinct modeling approaches. While the results vary, all three studies show that GDP growth is significantly higher than it would otherwise be if the current federal tax system remained in place

U.S. International Tax Reform? Define ‘Reform’ for Me
This article begins with a reminder of why we need international tax reform, explores the relevant criteria for reform for the welfare maximization of the American people, and discusses how the various plans meet or fail to meet those criteria.

A Macroeconomic Analysis of the FairTax Proposal
Incentives drive all economic behavior. Taxes are a negative incentive. From an economic efficiency perspective, the appropriate goal for tax policy is to establish a tax system that minimizes the tax disincentives on economic activities, given the revenue needs of the government.

The impact of the FairTax on American manufacturing, agriculture, trade, and international competitiveness
Manufacturing’s share of the U.S. economy has been in a relentless decline to less than 50 percent of what its share of the gross domestic product (GDP) was in the 1950s. The FairTax plan reduces the cost of American manufacturing and agriculture considerably.

An Open Letter to the President, the Congress and the American People
Leading economists write an open letter endorsing the FairTax and explaining why it is the best option.

How the FairTax affects wages
The FairTax has a pronounced positive impact on the after-tax real wages of the American people. Under the FairTax, what you make is what you keep.

The FairTax and the global economy
We are at a pivotal juncture in our national history. We can no longer afford a tax system which puts U.S. producers at such a disadvantage as our current system does. The American people need to awaken from their slumber and realize the seriousness of the threat.

The FairTax and economic growth
Replacing the income tax with a consumption tax, replacing a graduated rate system with a flat marginal tax rate system, and lower marginal rates and a broader tax base will promote economic growth. The FairTax does all three. Here is the evidence.