You called them out!

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” Ronald Reagan

By now, most FairTaxers know exciting things are on the horizon for 2014 as the FairTax continues its historic advance into Washington’s legislative process.

Due to your insistence, seventy four Members of Congress have already signed onto HR 25 and nine Senators now officially support S 122. This is more than ever before!

Even some Representatives who have not cosponsored the legislation yet have agreed to host FairTax debates in their districts!

The Joint Committee on Taxation is also in the process of scoring the FairTax legislation – another encouraging sign showing that we are being taken seriously in Washington.

This brings us to the committee where the FairTax legislation now sits in the House: The Committee on Ways and Means. For the full House to consider the FairTax, HR 25 must win a majority vote in this committee.

This is why the FairTax legislation being promised a Committee vote is a historic opportunity!

Now the Committee on Ways and Means has a choice to make: They can either tinker with the current system and call it major reform or represent the will of the people who elected them and enact HR 25, The FairTax Act, freeing us from the bondage of an out-of-control IRS and a tax code that is fast approaching 100,000 pages.

FairTax activists are taking action in this critical time by demanding the Committee on Ways and Means pass true tax reform. Below, we wanted to share some of the best comments from the committee’s Facebook page:

Mark N: Quit talking about it and do something. You know Fair Tax is the solution. Just do it.

Joe G: Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome . Pass The Fair Tax

Rod C: The tax code has been “simplified” thousands of times, which just add to the complexity of the behemoth tax code.. Taxing “income” is counter-productive (as any person with an understanding of economics would know). Pass the FairTax… tax consumption… everyone pays, it is transparent (everyone knows exactly what they are paying, when they pay it), and it is progressive.

James D: Remove the Federal Corruption. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Remove the IRS. Give US a FairTax HR 25.

John N: Sir, the solution to your question sits in committee waiting to be voted on. YOU keep it suppressed. Free the FairTax Act.

Cory H: Pass the FairTax if you want to make a difference and significantly change things in the US for the better. If you prefer that nobody will know or care what you did after your term ends, sure go ahead and just tweak the existing broken system a little… But what a waste of a rare opportunity you have within your grasp.

These are only a few of the hundreds of FairTax comments seen by the Committee on Ways and Means. They have clear evidence that the American people are fed up with years of Washington making the tax code worse with every ‘reform!’

With the Committee vote upcoming, and Congress currently at home for recess, every FairTax supporter should make their voice heard. This coming week, remind Washington that We the People demand true tax reform: The FairTax.

Find the contact information of your Representative in Congress here, and sign up for their newsletter too. Then see if they serve on the Committee on Ways and Means here and start making phone calls!

When you contact their offices, remember what Rod told the Committee: This tax code has been “fixed” so many times it has grown into a monster that is not fixable. Stop taxing “income”. Pass the FairTax and watch our country grow.

Thank you for standing up to make the FairTax a reality!

The FairTax Grassroots Team

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