Abolish The IRS – Payson Roundup

For several years now I, along with many other concerned citizens, have been encouraging our government to do away with the IRS. Our letters to congressmen, senators and presidents seem to have been ignored, while special interest lobbies have prevailed. To accommodate these special interests, changes are made to the IRS code every year; so much so, in fact, that most accountants can’t even keep up with the changes. I personally have hired CPAs who have made glaring mistakes that have cost me money (both in taxes and CPA fees).

We all know that it takes money to run the government and I have paid my share for over 60 years. I’ve saved receipts, hired accountants, purchased computer programs, and gone through audits. And through all of this I’ve wondered whether everyone else is paying their fair share. Is it possible that my neighbor’s tax attorney has found more loopholes in the code than mine? How about the companies that take their businesses overseas to avoid our tax system, such as Enron, who at one time had over 800 subsidiary companies in the Cayman Islands?

If there was no alternative to the present system we’d be stuck with what we have. But there is an alternative. It’s called the Fair Tax and it’s been introduced for passage several times in Congress. Up to now, special interest groups have successfully lobbied to keep it from passing. Can you imagine how the accountants, attorneys and IRS employees would be affected if we could pass something that’s simple and fair? We wouldn’t need them! There would be no tax returns to file every year, so no audits to worry about. And I’ve not even mentioned what it costs to run the over-bloated, inefficient system that we call the IRS. So far we have not been able to replace our tax system, but considering all the scandals and corruption going on in the IRS today, perhaps now we might have a chance to throw them all out. Another thought would be to just tell them that all your information has been lost and your hard drive crashed just before tax time. And it’s not recoverable! Good luck with that.

I would rather encourage everyone to contact their legislators and suggest that they support the Fair Tax. I’ve been doing this for several years and I’m not going to stop now. I think we owe it to our kids and grandkids to change what had been proven to be a burdensome and unfair taxation system. Information can be found regarding the Fair Tax proposal at www.fairtax.org.

Donald Bratten

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Inversion Solution – Ocala StarBanner

The Sept. 14 Other Voices piece “Inversion is really the American way,” is spot-on in some aspects of our failing tax system. Tax inversions are products of lawful tax alternatives, paid for by companies through lobbyists, under our current tax code.

The tax rate of 3 percent on U.S. corporate income, plus 12 percent on any foreign income returned to the U.S., has resulted in a slow destruction of our economy.

As they preach tax reform and simplification, Congress sells exemptions, deductions and exclusions in 74,600 pages of code and regulation.

The real solution is right in front of us — repeal the ineffective IRS tax code and replace it with a consumption tax like the Fair Tax.

A key feature of a consumption tax provides a business-friendly tax structure that eliminates corporate income taxes, payroll taxes and investment taxes. As a result, corporations are incentivized to return offshore capital and bring their headquarters back to the U.S.

It’s time for Congress and the president to stop talking about fixing inversions, and allow the Fair Tax to actually do it. As an aside, the Fair Tax eliminates funding for and phases out the IRS.

On Oct. 14, a documentary revealing the violations of the IRS of personal liberties will be showing at 7 p.m. in Ocala, Gainesville and in more than 677 other theaters. “UnFair” exposes IRS abuses and is followed by a “town hall” forum on solutions headed up by Mike Huckabee.

Randy Fischer

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Watch The IRS Be Exposed In “UnFair”!

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.” – Audrey Hepburn

In the last 24 hours the weather has gone from stifling heat to brisk chills, and in Colorado, snow has begun falling in the mountains. Early in the morning one can hear school bands practicing for Friday night football, and mums and pumpkins are popping up everywhere. Fall has officially arrived.

Fall also means the IRS will soon be exposed! As you make plans for fall festivals, football games and not too distant holiday gatherings, make sure you hold the evening of October 14, for a very important event.

On October 14, 2014, at 7:00 P.M. in theatres across the nation, the long awaited movie, “UnFair: Exposing the IRS” will be shown for one night only in nearly 700 theatres. This town hall style theatrical event is a “can’t miss opportunity” for every FairTax® supporter. And, it provides a unique opportunity for We the People to publicly support the FairTax campaign.

UnFair chronicles the IRS’ longstanding cycle of abuse and terror against individual citizens and organizations and clearly explains that the FairTax® is the answer. It provides you a fantastic medium with which to educate your friends, family and business colleagues on why we need to eliminate the IRS and implement the only real alternative—the FairTax Plan.

Tickets will go fast so reserve your seats now!

Wanted – FairTax Theatre Captains

Each theatre will have a designated Theatre Captain. Theatre Captains have an exciting role including being given 30 minutes before the movie begins and 15 minutes after it ends to address the audience. This special time provides the Theatre Captain with a tremendous opportunity to educate the local community about the FairTax legislation.

Go here to learn more about the role of the Theatre Captain and to sign-up. Don’t delay – positions are filling fast and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Finally, what should you do if you do not see a theatre listed in your city? Instead of driving hours and hours to a theatre closest to your town, you might consider sponsoring the local theatre where you live! If this is something that appeals to you, go here to get more information and sign-up.

In 2013, the IRS celebrated 100 years of taxing America’s income. In 2013, it unceremoniously began self-imploding with the Lois Lerner targeting scandal; a scandal so egregious it assaults the ethical sensibilities of the American people yet continues to defy the appointment of a special prosecutor.

On October 14, at 7:00 P.M., you have a unique opportunity to attend a national event and stand FairTax tall. Grab your FairTax hat, button and shirt, splurge on some movie popcorn, a box of Goobers® and your favorite beverage and let’s go to the movies!


Also, please don’t forget to become a member of AFFT by clicking here. We need to rapidly increase our membership and 50 percent of your membership contribution is shared with your state organization!

Proudly for the FairTax,

Marilyn Rickert
AFFT Board of Directors and Executive Committee
Founder, Fair Tax Nation

One million strong, rocking DC!

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” – Vince Lombardi

Leadership guru Ken Blanchard said, “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.” That’s an interesting concept when thinking about how best to advance the FairTax®.

Certainly, Congress has the upper hand on We the People when it comes to sheer authority. And for what authority they may lack, Members have perfected the art of using the IRS as a tidy little enforcement mechanism. 

So that brings us back to influence. How can We the People really influence the Members of Congress who stand between the income tax and passage of the FairTax® Plan? 

To answer that question, one must first ask, who actually has influence on Members of Congress?

Late last year Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research conducted a poll and asked that question. Sadly, constituents ranked themselves at the bottom of the barrel (11 percent) feeling they had little to no influence on the very people they elected to represent them. Who came in first? Why K-street lobbyists of course, by a whopping 65 percent. And who came in second on the influence peddling quotient? Campaign contributors at 52 percent.

This makes sense because the only thing that Members of Congress fear is that the electorate may throw them out. Lobbyists and campaign contributors provide the money to help the Members overwhelm their opponents and be reelected.

However, since often only 40,000 people vote in Congressional primary elections, money is not enough. They love the money but they fear associations with paid members residing in their district. The most effective groups and lobbyists are the ones that have the advantage of pointing to paid members who are passionate about an issue and who will favor the candidate that supports their issue.

That’s why Americans For Fair Taxation® has recently launched a new paid membership drive with a goal of signing up one million paid FairTax members. 

Imagine the voice that one million paid FairTax members will have in Congress! You are already putting the pressure on Members; with one million paid FairTaxers you will really turn up the heat. Now that’s exciting!

To make it as easy as possible for one million patriots to join the FairTax movement, we have created multiple membership plans to fit everyone’s budget – from a $5 student to a $500 Patron – and everything in between. And if you really want to magnify your impact, consider sponsoring a membership for friends and family, but first share the good news of the FairTax with them to ensure they want to become a member.

To become a FairTax member, simply go to FairTax.org and click on the gold “Become a Member” button in the upper left corner. Complete the form and take pride in helping the FairTax campaign do what no other tax reform movement has done in the history of tax reform advocacy.

Alan Watts said, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.” Paid membership is a major change for the FairTax campaign. It is a change that will reap incredible benefits as soon as we reach the critical mass needed to get all Members’ attention. I invite you to take the plunge and join the dance.  

Together we will PASS THE FAIRTAX!

Until next week,

Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director

Two Big Announcements

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” – Proverb

Yesterday, in a blockbuster announcement, Thomas Kane, Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel for the IRS, wrote in a sworn lawsuit declaration that former IRS senior manager Lois Lerner’s now infamous BlackBerry was “removed or wiped clean of any sensitive or proprietary information and removed as scrap for disposal in June 2012.”

The magnitude of lies, deceit and corruption is incredible isn’t it? But that’s how it is when an out-of-control bureaucracy does the political bidding of Congress.

Thankfully, the FairTax® will eliminate the IRS and replace the income tax code with a simple and fair national sales tax. For the first time in 200 years, the American people wil have independence from oppressive income taxation.

Much like when Gandhi sought independence for India and Pakistan and when asked about his non-violent protest in support of that goal he said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

For years, Washington’s elites have ignored, laughed and even fought the FairTax Plan. But as the IRS targeting investigation has unfolded, the laughing has all but stopped and the FairTax is being talked about more and more as a viable alternative to the current tax code.

More importantly, “experts” are openly discussing it as the only tax reform plan that can eliminate a completely corrupt and out-of-control IRS. 

Meanwhile, during this election year, most members of Congress continue to operate with their usual level of arrogance; acting like they own their elected office. Yet, make no mistake; they secretly fear being ousted in any primary election when their electorate finally gets smart. Just ask former Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

The ouster numbers, however, are not currently in favor of We the People.

As the Washington Post stated in June, “Overall, voter turnout among the 25 states that have held primaries is down 18 percent from the 2010 election, according a study by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate. There were almost 123 million age-eligible voters in these primary states, but only about 18 million of them voted.” With an average of 15% of the eligible voters turning out in primary elections, an average of 40,000 voters decided the primary election.

A new initiative in the FairTax campaign aims to change that dynamic. 

We know that Members are most influenced by groups that have large numbers of paying members in their districts. Imagine the influence on just one Congressional district if AFFT had 3,000 paying members who could influence 1, 5, or 10 voters. Now we have their attention!

As a 501(c)(4), AFFT cannot directly participate in political campaigns, but we can let our supporters know if a candidate supports the FairTax Plan. And, those supporters can take that knowledge to the election booth.

Today, AFFT is announcing a new AFFT membership drive designed to increase our sphere of influence in Washington and accelerate passage of the FairTax. 

Each of you is being asked to become a paying member of AFFT. Annual membership plans begin at $5.00 and best of all, your membership payment will be divided equally between AFFT and your state FairTax organization!

Your membership will help fund greater efforts at both the local and national levels. And, in exchange for your paid membership, you will receive a credit in the FairTax.org store equal to 10% of your paid membership.

And here’s how you can multiply your membership impact and AFFT’s ability to make Congress listen. Think of 5 or 10 family members, employees or friends and sponsor them for AFFT membership! Please make sure you let these individuals know in advance that you would like to sponsor their membership so they do not hit “unsubscribe” or “spam” when we begin providing them with information on the FairTax Plan.

You will get store credit, your state will still receive their share of your membership and you will have magnified your impact!

Napoleon Hill said, “You must get involved to have an impact.”

Don’t delay – go to FairTax.org and click on “Become a Member” today.

Until next week,

Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director

Keep Burger King in the USA

Augusta Free Press

…If we stop taxing BK and instead tax the customer, we arrive at the same result. But why should we change? Because taxing BK taxes productivity, and taxing the customer taxes consumption – but the customer will have the same purchasing power. We stop taxing the customer’s income too. If we change, Tim Hortons will re-domicile in the US rather than BK re-domicile to Canada.

Will the plan work? Peer-reviewed academic and market research says yes. Is there a proposal in Congress today to change our tax code to keep BK in the US? Indeed there is. The Fair Tax Act of 2013, with 87 sponsors, replaces Subtitles A, B and C of the Internal Revenue Code with a national tax on all services and all new tangible goods sold at retail to a consumer in the United States.

The FairTax®, as the bill is known, also phases out the IRS over a three-year period and requires the destruction of its records of “ABC” taxes, except those records needed to calculate Social Security Benefits and to support ongoing litigation. A Family Consumption Allowance assures that lawful residents of the United States, regardless of income, pay no tax on essential consumption up to the poverty level. To learn more, go to www.fairtax.org.

– Jim Bennett

This article is published in full, here.

 The IRS’ Strange Bedfellows

“It is wrong and immoral to seek to escape the consequences of one’s acts.” – Mahatma Gandhi

In December 2013, 70 million customers of Target were notified of a massive security breach after Target’s credit card systems were hacked. Customers sent the retailing giant a swift message that not protecting their personal information was unacceptable. They voiced their displeasure in social and traditional medias and went to court.

According to Forbes, their punitive actions have had a significant effect on Target’s bottom line. In addition to “slashing their second quarter earnings per share guidance”, Target has “incurred gross expenses of $148 million in actual and potential breach-related claims.” And they add the company is still struggling to attract new customers.

That’s the way it is in the private sector. The customer drives accountability. They demand it.

Not so in areas of our government. Last week the IRS Inspector General (IG) announced the IRS exposed the private financial and social security information of millions of taxpayers to fraud and abuse by failing to follow IRS policy. That policy required the IRS to conduct background checks on agency contractors having access to taxpayer financial information. However, the IRS inspector general found that out of 34 contracts active in May of 2013, five were operating without the required reviews.

According to CBS news online, the IRS

  • Used a courier to transport sensitive documents who previously had spent 21 years in prison on arson and other charges, and
  • Gave a printing contractor a computer disk with names, addresses and Social Security numbers of 1.4 million taxpayers without requiring a background check for anyone who worked on the job

The IRS gave a standard (pardon the yawn) “it takes seriously its responsibility to protect taxpayer information, and we expect the same from our contractors” response.

Both Target and the IRS failed to protect the private financial information that their customers entrusted to them. But with Target, the We the People brought swift and severe consequences for Target’s failure.

At the IRS customers have no standing – no redress when the agency’s employees put their personal financial information at risk for fraud and abuse. You see the IRS operates with complete and total arrogance and impunity. They have made it abundantly clear they are accountable to no one; not Congress and certainly not American citizens.

But rest assured, when Congress responds to an outrage and starts an investigation, some things do change at the IRS. Employees retire on full pensions; memories of all the responsible parties become selective; emails are lost and hard-drives crash. It’s the IRS way – no one is ever responsible.

And because they collect the money our country desperately needs, Congress won’t push them too hard either. In fact, the Congress and the IRS are strange bedfellows. The Congress needs the IRS for the loopholes and exemptions that help fund reelection campaigns, which the IRS knows and uses to their maximum advantage. This advantage ensures that Congress too fears the IRS. Neat and tidy isn’t it?

The solution is Congress must enact H.R. 25 / S. 122, “The FairTax Act of 2013”.

The FairTax® replaces the current federal income tax with a single rate national consumption tax. More importantly, it disbands, defunds and eliminates the IRS.

Imagine – instead of paying federal taxes with a tax code over 74,000 pages long, the American people would simply pay their federal FairTax every time they purchase new goods and services! As a result, with the FairTax our nation will begin a new era of accountability in government when the people see the taxes they pay on every register receipt.

No individual and no entity should ever be given a free pass when it comes to being held accountable for their actions, including the IRS.  Or, as Thomas Paine said, “A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”

It is time the American people have a tax system that they can trust – a tax system that is fair, simple and transparent, and subject to the accountability of you, the customer and the taxpayer.

Until next week,

Cindy Canevaro

Executive Director

Here’s What You Want

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth… not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha

Earl Nightingale said, “Everything begins with an idea.”  Last week we asked for your input on how to improve FairTax.org.

Your passion for the FairTax® showed though your great ideas to improve the website and the actions you believe will help get HR 25 passed.

The grassroots leadership team is very encouraged by your suggestions, and today, we want to share a sampling of the recommendations you sent. While we share these few, rest assured all of your thoughts have been shared with the entire board of directors and are actively being studied and discussed.


  • A checklist on the progress of HR 25
  • A description of the steps required in Congress for the FairTax to become law
  • Links to major news outlets
  • Slow down the homepage slides – more bullet points
  • Provide a list of Members of Congress and where they stand on the FairTax.  Consider rating them.
  • Bring back the FairTax calculator
  • Consolidate the FAQ, eliminate repetitive questions and answers
  • Provide a list of key committees in Congress central to getting the FairTax passed

FairTax Organization

  • Implement a communication system for FairTax leaders
  • Provide information on how donations are spent

FairTax Education

  • Provide more detail on how the flat tax and FairTax differ
  • Provide a simple summary of just the advantages of the FairTax
  • List of where candidates stand on the FairTax
  • Keep the FairTax non-partisan. Special effort should be taken to highlight issues of interest to those on the left of the political spectrum

FairTax Store

  • Stock an “Abolish the IRS” bumper sticker
  • Make the fonts easier to read

Finally, you highlighted areas where you would like fresh, new content in FairTax white papers. You asked how financial trends in the retail sector impact revenue collected by the FairTax, if the FairTax impacts government corruption, and the how the FairTax can positively impact the environment.

More changes are coming to the FairTax campaign. In the next few weeks we will be adding a new “Chairman’s Report” in FairTax Friday where FairTax Chairman and CEO Steve Hayes will be sharing his and the board of directors’ perspectives and activities. You may have already noticed some changes in our FairTax Facebook page. Our communications and marketing committee, under the leadership of committee chairman Randy Fisher is working with Maguire Media Partners to develop a new and aggressive social media strategy.

Our IT and Database Committee under the leadership of committee chairman Tom Brown continues refining FairTax.org and the new Trail Blazer database. And our Strategic Planning and Budget Committee, under the leadership of Phil Hinson, is assembling a new strategic direction for the national campaign.

Other committees including membership, Congressional Relations and fundraising are also eagerly continuing their work and we will be sharing more about their plans in future editions of FairTax Friday.

Ryunosuke Satoro summed up the power of your suggestions best when he said, “Individually we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Until next week,


Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director

Rolling on to Washington!

“Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One with the other is worthless. – Tim Blixseth

Thomas Jefferson said, “Every generation needs a new revolution.” If there is one grievance deserving a revolt of the citizens, it is the income tax and the IRS. Americans For Fair Taxation® (AFFT) and the new grassroots leadership team is leading the way for a tax reform revolution with the FairTax® campaign.

The initial step – moving FairTax.org and the AFFT database has been completed. Although the rebuilding of document links and individual web pages will continue for several weeks, you will find the main pages and donation and membership buttons are now fully functioning.

We need to hear from you!

As our work progresses, we need your input.  Please help us by letting us know the following:

  • What do you want in your FairTax.org website?
  • What do you like the most and least about FairTax.org?
  • What information do you find most useful, least useful?
  • What home page content do you think would be most helpful?
  • What information do you have difficulty finding?
  • Is there information missing you think would be especially helpful to first time visitors?
  • Are the donation and sign-up forms user friendly?

Send your thoughts and ideas to ideas@fairtax.org

Washington here we come!

Over the next few weeks your leaders will also be sharing details about our exciting plans to open a FairTax office in Washington, D.C. before the end of 2014! This effort is being spearheaded by volunteer grassroots board members Autry Pruitt (NY) and John Grafer (TX), and includes a groundbreaking program for FairTax supporters who want to be in the center of the Washington action.

Spend much time around Washington and you’ll quickly realize that those organizations that have large membership get the most attention. Put another way, Washington only respects grassroots groups with large numbers of members. As a result, we will soon be launching a new “membership” initiative that (1) allows you to help support both your national and your state FairTax organization, and (2) sends a bold new message to Washington that the FairTax campaign is the people’s tax revolution.

John Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

There are lots of changes coming to the FairTax campaign. Don’t miss out on anything, and whatever you do, make sure you are right in the middle of this generation’s greatest tax revolution – the FairTax campaign.

Until next week,


Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director

Victory in Georgia! + A better FairTax.org

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy

Georgia FairTax® Scores A Major Victory

The media’s eyes were on the state of Georgia this week as voters went to the polls in their Republican runoff election for the U.S. Senate. The Georgia FairTax (GFFT) organization played a pivotal role in helping educate voters on where candidates stood on the FairTax® Plan.

The monumental effort began in 2012, led by volunteer GFFT state director Jim Duffie and GFFT board chairman Bill Fogarty, when the GFFT team developed and published a comprehensive non-partisan candidate scorecard for rating candidates for elective office on their support of the FairTax.

In preparation for the 2014 election, GFFT volunteers began identifying and contacting candidates from both the Republican and Democrat parties. In addition, they researched positions of candidates on tax reform, volunteering hundreds of hours to bird-dog candidates and document what they actually said about tax reform during campaign stump speeches.

The team then offered candidates from both political parties a telephonic or in-person briefing on what the FairTax is, how it differs from proposed flat and current income tax systems and if desired, how to defend it from attacks.

Thanks to the generosity of GA FairTax supporters, all candidates who accepted the GFFT FairTax briefing were given a specially prepared binder containing copies of the FairTax white papers submitted to the 2013 U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means Tax Reform Study Group. These binders were a labor of love by GFFT volunteers and left a very strong impression on candidates regarding the depth of research that has gone into the FairTax legislation.

U.S. Senate candidate David Purdue accepted GFFT’s in-person offer, and went on to request an extended briefing with Phil Hinson and other GFFT leaders to ensure he understood the details of the legislation.

Perdue then made it a point to address tax reform while on the stump, noting that he was “a fighter for the FairTax.” Purdue’s diligence in learning about and fighting for the FairTax paid off when he was declared the victor in Tuesday’s run-off election.

This outstanding team effort by the GFFT serves as a model of what can be done across the nation.

Congratulations GFFT – we are FairTax proud!

Until next week,


Cindy Canevaro
Executive Director