The right to a fair tax system.

Only we can make enough “noise” before our government will listen. It’s been done before. Women’s rights, civil rights and now, the next “right” – the right to a fair tax system.

It can be done, but it takes a whole lot of voices and not a small amount of money to get the attention of Washington. If we follow the path of woman’s rights (70+ years) and civil rights (14+ years), then our time is now. We began this nonpartisan effort in 1995 and it’s been 17 years of hard work by many passionate people, yet it’s not been enough to create the “call to arms” (so to speak) that will force Washington to make a change.

Change is so tough for people. Make no mistake, it’s even tougher for Washington because it threatens their security and, in some cases, their funding. The FairTax Plan is a powerful change – scary, yet freeing. It lessens the powers of special interest groups, lobbyists and corporations. It forces a new system that is transparent. (Don’t agree? Learn more about How it Works). It’s time to stop holding on or patching up an antiquated tax system that is not fair to any American and “bungee jump” into a new system.

There’s no time like the present.

  • We need your voice.
  • We need your passion.
  • We need your courage.

Take a stand. Get involved. Make a donation. Vote for the candidates willing to make a change (even it requires you to step outside your box). This is not about party lines. We ask our current advocates and new advocates to not make it so. We don’t want the FairTax to be a Republican, Democratic or Libertarian issue. The FairTax needs to be an American issue.

Americans deserve the right for a fair tax system. Take up our call to action!


16 thoughts on “The right to a fair tax system.

  1. Rochester

    This is a far more “citizen-friendly” way to fund our public sector acitivities in a manner that also enables the private sector to thrive and do what it does best too! The great American experiment is yet unfolding as we move along further into the 21st century. There is no good reason for us to continue clinging to an outdated, 19th century social theory of progress that has been discredited in nearly every society that has attempted it including ours. With the FairTax, we can more sustainably meet the vision of a wider range of partisan perspectives. It does NOT have to be an absolute, either-or, you or me paradigm. Instead, it can be a you AND me paradigm. We must attempt different things if we truly desire a different outcome than our mediocre status quo.

    1. Brian

      To add to what you have said, I see illegal aliens paying the full tax from an estimated eleven people. Likewise, every single international traveler and crook. The full use of the taxes from the above would mean a big boost to our social security and medicare problems.

      Also, once the FairTax takes place, all the money hiding in huge banks in the Caribbean islands, Panama, and so forth, will immediately return to the United States where, in my opinion, would be put to productive use.

      I’m aware that some people believe there should be a change in the way renters are “fixed.” People in New York will pay more in rent than in Oklahoma. It’s been that way, and it’ll stay that way. But once we start making changes, the changes will never stop — it will end up being like it was when we had the income tax.


    Enno Hartman

    Dear American Taxpayer/Voter & All Consumers,
    Just imagine what the​PageServer?pagename=FAQs would do for YOU and our COUNTRY. Tax dodgers, illegals, drug dealers and others that now DO NOT pay, or pay their fair share but draw on the system daily would FINALLY pay TAXES !
    The fairtax would eliminate the IRS. The prebate application would cause ILLEGALS TO RETURN HOME. The prebate application would also replace the CENSUS BUREAU and provide a cross check for VOTING RECORDS and more.
    NOW just imagine what ONE TERM LIMIT (6 or 8 yrs?) school board to president would do to improve the mindset of all involved.
    Even if we could just get one State to lead the way on either, and add Health Care as the only (temporary) exemption to the Fairtax, JUST imagine
    Sincerely, Enno

  3. Sheila Ford

    FAIR TAX would free us of the burden of maintaining costly buildings and irs agents’ salaries to collect the income tax, and of the sick feeling one gets if they get a letter from those agents. Why are we allowing law-abiding citizens of this free country to be imposed upon to reveal all their personal business to the government?
    Income tax was enacted in response to people’s jealousy of rich shipping companies, and such perceived to be getting more benefit from the protection of the government. Like anything responding to jealousy, it wound up being unfair. Now, it is a manipulative tool used by legislators.
    FAIR TAX will collect tax from criminals, illegals and foreign tourists. People who buy more will pay more tax. It is absolutely fair. It is time to replace the abusive, intrusive income tax and IRS with The FAIR TAX.

  4. Virginia Nancarvis

    This is not a fair tax code..and could not be implemted any way without getting rid of Social Security and Medicare first. Do not be fooled there is nothing fair about this tax code. Nor is it possible to pass this legislation. The payroll taxes are the FICA and Medicare taxes that go toward these entitlement programs. (we paid for them and we are entitled to them). These are insurance and is a contract between the federal government and the American people. If it were any other entity, we would be allowed to sue them for trying to break the contract. This tax would be asking the lower income person to carry more of a burden to provide for their families in comparison to a wage earner that has a lot of expendable money and will not feel the pinch.

    1. Dennis Foster

      The money taken for social security yields a terrible effective return on your money of less than 2% a year when without Social Security you could invest your tax in mutuals that parallel the yield of the Dow. That is 7% apr historically, over the last 50 years. The average retiree could get $3000 a month for every $1000 paid by Social Security today.
      The people with lower incomes actually fair better than those with higher incomes. You need to educate yourself about the prebate that proves this is true.
      Why is it that some people prefer to parrot others than to verify the truth first?
      Regarding your statement that social security and medicare are like insurance contracts does not mean that when a better insurance company comes along and offers you a savings, you do not bury your head in the sand. You switch to the more competitive insurance company.
      The current method of taxation is antiquated and cost every person in the US more than a fair tax would cost. Some times the truth hurts people with other agendas.

  5. Karolyn

    Yes! I’ve been saying for 20 years that we need a 25% sales tax in place of income tax. I do think the Treasury would collect more and also the gov’t would save so much money! It would put a lot of H&R Blocks out of business, but they could work as company accountants.

  6. Kip Nash

    Today, our tax system doesn’t need a tap of the hammer, a twist of the screwdriver, it needs a complete overhaul. And what the FairTax does, it ends the underground economy. No more illegals, no more gamblers, prostitutes, pimps and dope dealers will be able to escape the tax code. It’s the single great thing that will help this country [achieve a] revitalized economy.

  7. Teri Branch

    While it is true that the goods wealthier Americans buy are of higher cost, it doesn’t negate the fact that the FairTax, as a direct tax on consumers, is a severely regressive tax system.

  8. Tanner C. Norton

    Then there’s the idea of prebates. The problem is that we don’t know how much each person would be paying in taxes, under a sales-tax system. Therefore, we can’t know how much to give them back. We could come up with some tables, based on your income, but they wouldn’t necessarily be accurate. For example, everything up to $10,000/yr is refunded fully, everything up to $20,000/yr is refunded at 60%, or something like that.

  9. Salvatore U. Sims

    Only we can make enough noise before our government will listen. It’s been done before. Women’s rights, civil rights and now, the next right – the right for a fair tax system – for our children and us.

  10. Connie I. Singleton

    Only we can make enough noise before our government will listen. It’s been done before. Women’s rights, civil rights and now, the next right – the right for a fair tax system – for our children and us.

  11. Sara Lang

    Well, if the FairTax system is voluntary, and allows everyone to pay what they choose and when they choose, what happens if someone decides that they don’t want to pay any taxes to the federal government? The same thing that happens now: fines and imprisonment. The FairTax is not a voluntary tax at all. The whole idea is a contradiction in terms. Boortz’s statement about people keeping their money until “they’re comfortable making taxable purchases” is ludicrous. There is no way to avoid buying new items. One can buy a used car, a used house, and used clothes, but one cannot purchase used food. One could argue that our present tax system is also voluntary: Don’t earn any income and you won’t have to pay any income taxes.

  12. Miles O. Vargas

    While it is true that the goods wealthier Americans buy are of higher cost, it doesn’t negate the fact that the FairTax, as a direct tax on consumers, is a severely regressive tax system.

    1. FairTax Admin Post author

      Mike, the prebate makes the FairTax a progressive system of taxation:

      The FairTax also eliminates the regressive payroll tax and the heavy tax code compliance costs that disproportionately affect small businesses.


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